Why Do Denim Shirts Make the Best Work Shirts?

Posted 2 weeks ago

Denim Work Shirts

Denim shirts are not only considered to be attractive – in terms of appearance – but they are also considered to be the number one choice among those that are in search of a functional, appealing, and comfortable work shirt. Shirts that are created with denim are a highly versatile type of clothing. It is… Read More…

What are the Differences Between Machine Embroidery and Hand Embroidery?

Posted 1 month ago

If you have an interest in obtaining custom embroidered shirts for your business, this article is for you. If you are reading this, you know and understand the importance and the impact of your company’s logo for your general brand.  When obtaining professional apparel that includes that logo, it is imperative that you opt for… Read More…

Should I Buy Cotton or Cotton Blend Shirts?

Posted 1 month ago

Cotton Or Cotton Blend Shirts

If you are in the process of purchasing shirts and are reading this, it is likely that you have stumbled upon the fact that there are various types and are unsure of which direction to go – cotton or cotton blend? You are not alone.  To many, a shirt is a shirt. However, it is… Read More…

Employee Uniforms and a Unified Dress Code Aids in Building Your Brand and Trust Among Customers

Posted 2 months ago

Employee Uniforms

Research has concluded that there is a direct relationship between the usage of employee uniforms and a unified dress code and your brand and the trust experienced towards your company by customers. An employee’s method of dressing and their overall appearance aids in reflecting a professional image.  This – in turn – helps to instill… Read More…

Custom Embroidery Designs on Shirts is Better Than Printing

Posted 3 months ago

embroidered shirts better than printed

For adding logos, pictures, wording, and other designs to apparel, you have two standard options – embroidery and printing. Embroidery integrates a process which sews a design directly onto apparel pieces. Printing utilizes ink and special machinery to place a design onto apparel. While both of these options will produce beautifully-designed apparel for your employees… Read More…

How to Maximize the Visibility of Your Company’s Logo

Posted 4 months ago

how to maximize company logo visibility

The logo associated with your company is considered the single most important branding tool, when it comes to the overall success of your business. According to marketing experts, the physical logo actually defines the brand of a company and helps to convey the purpose, goals, and overall corporate ideology to consumers. The goal is to… Read More…

Having Employees Wear Work Uniforms That Display Your Company Logo Benefits Your Business in Numerous Ways

Posted 4 months ago

Benefits Of Uniforms With Company Logos

According to a survey conducted by J.D Power and Associates in the United States, customers are more likely to conduct business with businesses that enlist the assistance of employees in uniforms. The reason for this is that the employees reflected a higher level of professionalism and were seen as having a higher level of competence… Read More…

The Importance of Logo Development and Design for the Branding of Your Small Business

Posted 5 months ago

Importance of Logo Development

Branding is the ultimate key to a highly successful marketing strategy for your small business. Branding is considered to be the foundation of your overall identity, the general summation of that which you offer your customers, as well as the inspiration behind the motivation of customers to choose your business over those in which you… Read More…

How to Turn Staff and Workers into Great Leaders

Posted 4 years ago

In almost any company, good managers strive to groom their staff and workers for future leadership roles. Encouraging growth and career development of employees do not only boost employee engagement and workplace productivity but it also makes the employer’s life a lot easier. Here are some tips on how to successfully develop employee leadership skills… Read More…

What Managers Should Do when Making Changes for Employees

Posted 4 years ago

Whatever business you are in, decision-making is a very crucial part of a manager’s job, not to mention, very challenging. But more often than not, what is more challenging is getting your staff and workers on board. Here are some tips on what managers shouldn’t forget when making changes for their workers. –          Capture your… Read More…

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