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Posted 3 years ago

If you are reading this, it is likely that you have some type of apparel need. Perhaps you have a website and want to advertise it on your clothing. Maybe you run a business and want to engage in a clothing-based marketing campaign.

You could be the coach of a sports team that is in need of apparel for the individuals that are part of your team. Maybe you are a school that wants to offer school uniforms. Maybe you run a medical practice and are shopping for unique work apparel for your staff.

It does not matter who you are or what you are in need of, we here at promise three things – personalized service, the best prices, and gorgeous craftsmanship!

Personalized Service is a family-owned business establishment that specializes in providing high-quality apparel pieces are outstanding, low prices. The margins are kept low so that the company is able to provide the best rates to their customers.

The employees all work together to not only provide customized, personalized service to their customers, but they also strive to ensure that all products are typically shipped within a 3-day time frame or less.

Gorgeous Craftsmanship

The company takes great pride in its ability to provide digitalized custom-based embroidery. The craftsmanship is of the absolute highest quality. It is more than standard embroidery that may be obtained from other companies in the industry – it is artwork.

The consultants have nearly two and a half decades of experience and utilize their own proprietary-based software to create immaculate embroidery on every single piece of clothing in which it is ordered.

In addition to logo shirts, the company specializes in embroidery on polo shirts, aprons, hats, and more! If you want it, it can be delivered!

Custom Embroidery as a Marketing Tool

The custom embroidery apparel that is offered at can be a wonderful marketing tool. It does not matter if you are advertising a church, business, charity, sports team, or a school, the company offers a wide range of features and options that are sure to attract attention.

There are cotton pieces, denim, aprons, smocks, t-shirts, polo shirts, fleece, jackets, hats, caps, high fashion pieces, tailored items, industrial apparel, long-sleeve apparel, polyester, sweats, totes, bags, and more!

It does not matter what you want to market or how you want to market, will deliver, based on your needs and your specifications!

Contact Today

If you are a first-time customer to, you will be offered a 100% absolutely free gift as a token of appreciation. You may choose from a men’s or a women’s polyester performance polo or a men’s or women’s jersey polo.

You must simply enter in the coupon code that is associated with your choice. This does require a minimum order requirement.

For more information on this special and/or to start your new personalized order with, simply visit the following link now: https://dev.epolos.comstore/new-customer

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