Sport-Tek Performance Shirts Are Perfect for The Upcoming Spring Sports Season

Posted 3 years ago

It does not matter if you are getting ready for baseball, softball, lacrosse, tennis, track & field, cheering, volleyball, or choreography, you will benefit from adding Sport-Tek performance shirts into your wardrobe. These are absolutely perfect for working out, training sessions, and engaging in the actual sporting events.

Now is the time to start collecting your apparel for the upcoming Spring sports season. Explore all of the varieties are that are currently available, including color block pieces, Dri-Mesh, Dry Zone, accent polos, and more!

General Information About Sport-Tek

Sport-Tek was launched in the year of 2004 and since, it has grown to be a popular provider of sports wear and accessories. This company specializes in utilizing technical fabrications that are designed for high-performance mixed with vibrant, visible colors that are not only noticeable, but memorable.

The clothing is designed for every single position on a sports team and provides apparel for youth, women, and men of all sizes. The athletic apparel and accessories are designed for maximum breathability, moisture control, odor elimination, and high-quality printability.

In fact, many pieces include PosiCharge technology, which is designed to be bleed-resistant to printing placed on the various Sport-Tek fabrics. 

Safety and Tracking

Each Sport-Tek apparel piece includes a tracking label directly underneath the care label. This product safety label helps in tracing exactly where the product was made and the date it was made. Sport-Tek follows all of the safety requirements, as outlined by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), which came into law in August of the year 2008.

Unlike other clothing manufacturers that produce in bulk, with no thought to individual pieces, Sport-Tek treats each and every clothing and accessory piece that they design and produce with the highest level of care and sures each exhibits the highest standards – in terms of quality -in the clothing and accessory industry.

What Offers

We here at carry a great selection of Sport-Tek apparel. While typically purchased and utilized for sporting and fitness activities, these clothing pieces may be worn at work, at home, or at play! The choice is yours! Each is manufactured with high quality fabric and threading.

You may choose from those that keep the skin dry, those that retain moisture, those that are dressy and those that are sporty! When purchasing Sport-Tek clothing and accessories from us, you may choose to have each piece embroidered with your name, your team name, or even pictures of your choice!

Our business is family-owned and nearly two decades old. We are located just outside the City of Austin in the State of Texas. We work with a large variety of companies and organizations to bring you the highest-quality clothing and accessories available on the market today.

We are more than happy to assist you in choosing the best clothing for your needs. You may also discuss your embroidery needs with our customer service specialists. If you would like more information or would like to start an order, you may contact us today by calling: 888-353-7656


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