What Is a Performance Shirt?

Posted 4 years ago

Performance shirts entered the market during the 1990s. These uniquely-designed shirts are created utilizing breathable fabric types. The unique design aids in wicking moisture away from the body so that the wearer remains cooler.

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They were originally designed for athletes, but have now extended to become ideal options for people who work outdoors and in warm environments.

Today’s performance shirts are designed with the highest-quality materials, deep rich-colored dyes, and with many features; therefore, many professionals are now integrating them into their wardrobe. Continue reading to learn about these amazingly versatile apparel pieces.

What Materials Are Used to Create Performance Shirts?

The material used in performance shirts vary, according to brand; however, most are composed of a combination of spandex, polyester, and cotton. The main material is most often always polyester.

This material is capable of a feature that draws moisture away from the body. This feature is referred to as “moisture-wicking technology”.

Performance shirts come in both short-sleeved and long-sleeved varieties. Most include collars and resemble polo shirts; however, there are performance shirts that do not have collars.

Additionally, they may include pockets, a V-neck, or a neck that includes buttons. There are many varieties available on today’s market.

The Moisture-Wicking Technology

What truly sets performance shirts apart from other shirts is the moisture-wicking technology. This means that the material of the shirt is able to draw sweat away from the body and directly absorb it.

It is then distributed throughout the shirt and evaporated. This process keeps the wearer of the shirt cool – even in the warmest of environments.

This is why it is perfect for a wide array of environments and activities -be it work, play, or social events!

The Advantages

Apart from keeping the wearer cool and sweat drawn away from the body, there are many advantages to wearing performance shirts. The following outline these:

  1. The fabric has a high level of breathability, which keeps the wearer comfortable.
  2. The unique composition of the shirt keeps it from wrinkling.
  3. The color-rich dyes utilized in performance shirts prevent the color used from fading, so it continues to look new.
  4. While the shirts are stretchy and designed to fit comfortably over the body, they are designed in such a way that they do not shrink. This means that the shirts remain their shape regardless of wear, fold, or the types of activities performed while in one.


Every type of shirt has pros and cons. The performance shirt has very little in the way of cons, but offers tremendous benefits in terms of pros. You have been introduced to them in this guide.

Regardless of whether you want a shirt for sports activities, work activities, or social activities, you are sure to enjoy the style, appeal, and comfort that performance shirts have to offer.

These shirts may even be worn in formal events and activities. Be sure to check out our selection of high-quality performance shirts today by clicking the following link: https://epolos.com/store/brand/sport-tek-performance-shirts

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