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At Epolos we provide PERSONALIZED service and will work very hard to ensure you have a great experience.

Since our company is family-owned, our margins are lower. We don’t have any Ferraris or BMWs parked outside in reserved parking spaces that you have to pay for via higher pricing… and since our margins are lower we can offer awesome pricing!

When we talk to you on the phone, we don’t have 15 or 20 people waiting on hold to talk to like the larger companies. You are the most important person that matters. And unlike most companies, we don’t even charge you until you actually approve your proof.

Plus, all our products are normally shipped out within 3 days.

This is not just our job… it’s our business!


Turn your Logo into thread. Epolos promises to provide the very best in digitized shirt embroidery while providing the lowest pricing. We specialize in digitized detailed artwork. You will not be disappointed with the quality products we provide. Contact an Epolos sales consultant today at (888) 353-7656.

Epolos.com offers the highest quality, computerized embroidery anywhere on the World Wide Web. With nearly 30 years experience and our own proprietary software, Epolos.com offers the highest quality digitizing service in the industry.

Our business is to provide for your customized and personalized embroidery needs. We also carry a wide variety of garments, including:

  • Embroidered Logo Shirts
  • Embroidered Polo Shirts
  • Embroidered Company Shirts
  • And Much More…


Whether your company utilizes Cotton Polos, Golf Shirts or Imprinted Shirts for employees, Epolos.com can provide the most advanced corporate identity apparel on the market. Epolos.com can even design and embroider logos for each department or event within your company. For instance:

Custom Embroidery for Employees

  • Long sleeve Polos for the office workers
  • Discount Polo Shirts for the rank and file
  • Custom Corporate Apparel for the higher-ups
  • Promotional Shirts to hand out at the company picnic

Custom Embroidery for Marketing and Advertising Needs

  • Corporate Identity Apparel for customers who want to sing your praises
  • Promo Shirts to hand out at company events
  • Discount Golf Shirts for the sportsman
  • Corporate Apparel for company Trade Shows
  • Discounted Polo Shirts for employees to wear in the office


Or maybe your need a well-made team jersey, Jacket or shirt for all the members of your local sports team. Epolos.com has you covered in that arena as well.

Custom Embroidery to Show Pride in the Team

  • Custom Logo Shirts for the entire team
  • Cotton Poly Polos for the fans
  • Customized Shirts for individual team members


Don’t trust your logo to anyone else. With our specialized software, you can see your logo sewn out BEFORE production. Set-up is free for the first 9,000 stitches. And it’s only $1.00 per 1000 stitches per polo shirt after that. Call us now at (888) 353-7656.

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