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Posted 3 years ago

If you are in the market for high-quality, exceptionally versatile, and beautifully designed clothing and accessories, you should check out the options available through Port Authority. Launched in the year of 1994, Port Authority is known for their broad variety of apparel pieces and clothing accessories.

This manufacturer places a special emphasis on both value and quality. The high-fashion pieces are beautifully designed with combinations of classic elements and modern-based elements, which allow for a timeless wardrobe.

Items available include woven apparel pieces, carefully crafted polo shirts, a wide array of outerwear, head pieces, fleece-based garments, and a long line of stylish accessories.

Emphasis on Safety

Port Authority places a special emphasis on product safety. This stems from the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act or “CPSIA”, which originated as law in the summer of 2008. All materials utilized to create the clothing and accessories offered by the company are considered to be safe and meet the highest standards and apparel and accessory specifications.

Additionally, all products that are shipped from the company’s factories are sent with documentation that confirms all standards and specifications of the CPSIA have been met. A tracking number is included on all products that may be tracked to the production location and date. It is situated directly underneath the care label for the fabric.


The Port Authority clothing and accessories that are currently available on the market have a high level of versatility. That is, they may be worn in a variety of settings and are perfectly suited for everything from playing sports to business attire.

There are classy high-performance polos for office work, interlock sweaters designed to enhance outfits, rapid dry polos for engaging in sports and fitness activities, button-up dress shirts for professionals, crosshatch shirts, silky touch clothing, hats, and more!

It does not matter what types of activities you are participating in – be it an outdoor hike or a corporate meeting with your superiors – The Port Authority apparel and accessories will have you looking your absolute best!

Discount Prices Available

We here at Epolos.com offer a broad spectrum of Port Authority clothing and accessories at immense discounts. We strive to provide personalized service to each customer that we service. Our family-owned business utilizes a pricing model that allows us to keep our margins very low.

Once your order is placed, we commit to shipping out your merchandise within 3 days or less. We do not consider this a “job”, we consider it our “passion”.

In addition to offering beautifully crafted Port Authority clothing and accessories, we also offer custom embroidery. Our digitized artwork will leave you speechless! We carefully craft each piece in order to bring out the beauty and appeal of your logo or other artwork.

It does not matter if you are purchasing logo shirts, polo shirts, sports shirts, or work shirts – we have you covered (in more ways than one!). If you would like to learn more about the Port Authority products that we have to offer and our clothing services, contact us today: 888-353-7656

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