How Do I Figure Out My Jacket Size?

Posted 3 years ago

In order to discover your perfect jacket size, various parts of your body will need to be measured. Additionally, jacket size may vary depending on if you are a male or a female.

Jacket Size

Out of all of the measurements that must be taken, the chest size is the most important. Apart from the chest, the sleeve length, shoulder size, and overall torso length must also be taken into consideration.

If you are purchasing a jacket for a formal event, it should fit a little more tightly than those for casual events. Continue reading to learn how to figure out the perfect size for you and your individual needs.

For Men

If you are a male, it is relatively simple to uncover your jacket size. You must simply remember to measure close to your body and focus on the chest and the waist measurements.

Simply stand up straight and relax the arms. Then, have someone measure all the way around your chest.

If you are shopping for a casual or loose-fitting jacket, add an inch to an inch and a half to the measurement. Next, measure the circumference of the waist.

Finally, place the measuring tape at the top of the shoulder and measure down in order to get the length size that you require.

For Women

If you are a female, be certain to measure close to the body – starting with the chest. This should be a horizontal measure performed at the largest area of the chest.

You should then do a measurement of the hip region. This measurement should include the largest area around the buttocks. If you require a casual or loose-fitting jacket, you may add an inch or two to your final measurements.

If you will be purchasing longer jackets, it is important to measure your height – without shoes. If you plan on wearing outfits underneath the jacket and using the jacket as a fashion accessory, you may add up to four additional inches to your final measurements.

Final Thoughts

While most jackets are worn layered with clothes for the purpose and intent of warmth, many purchase jackets as a fashion accessory. Depending on your individual needs and the purpose of the jacket, you may need to include an additional one to four inches.

There are several types of jackets currently available on the market. Examples include anorak, blazers, blousons, leather, and feather-down. The jackets available today are created from cotton, polyester, fleece, and a multitude of other materials.

You should consider the environmental conditions of where you will wear the jacket, how you will use the jacket, and if it is mainly for warmth or fashion.

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