Employee Uniforms and a Unified Dress Code Aids in Building Your Brand and Trust Among Customers

Posted 5 years ago

Research has concluded that there is a direct relationship between the usage of employee uniforms and a unified dress code and your brand and the trust experienced towards your company by customers. An employee’s method of dressing and their overall appearance aids in reflecting a professional imageEmployee Uniforms

This – in turn – helps to instill confidence among both your customers. When an employee dresses in a distinguished uniform and is part of a unified dress code, they are – essentially – ambassadors for your brand and a key component to establishing trust among consumers.

The appearance of your employees serves as a visual type of measure of how the general public views the company and determines the perception of trust. If this perception is successful, your brand will develop a solid reputation and will be considered “trustworthy”.

Uniforms in Businesses Are a Preference Among Consumers

J.D Power and Associates conducted a study that included input and feedback from 800 customers and a little over 200 buyers that specialized in business-to-business purchases.

The ultimate goal of this research was to establishment a set measurement of the impact of uniforms on customers and how those uniforms impacted their relationship with the businesses that specialized in the products and services that those consumers sought – be it the standard customer or a service customer.

Unsurprisingly, it was established that consumers and business-to-business customers preferred dealing with those in uniform when working with a business. This is due to the fact that most consumers feel that uniformed employees possess more positive traits than those that are not in uniform.

According to feedback, individuals in uniform are believed to have better work ethics, are believed to specialize in better products, and provide higher quality in terms of customer service.

Customer Feedback

Several questions were asked of consumers that gauged their opinion of uniformed versus non-uniformed employees. Out of these, many positive traits were identified as those being associated with people who wore a business uniform. The conclusions established from the inquiries made during the study are as follows:

  1. Individuals that wear uniforms while working increase confidence levels among consumers in terms of the ability to successfully do the job associated with that individual.
  2. When people wear uniforms or customized clothing for a business, it is easier to identify those professionals.
  3. Those employees that are made to wear uniforms at work seem more attentive to the customer than those that do not have to wear this type of customized clothing.
  4. Those people that wear uniforms in the workplace seem as if they display a higher level of knowledge about the goods and/or services that their company specializes.
  5. Uniforms seem to increase the amount of courtesy towards the consumer.
  6. If uniforms are worn by those in a company, it is believed that the goods and/or services that they specialize in are higher quality than those companies that do not make their employees wear uniforms.
  7. Those in uniform are deemed more trustworthy than those that are not.
  8. It is believed that if uniforms are worn, the work performed by those individuals is significantly better than if done by those that are not in uniform.
  9. Credibility is higher when employees are in uniform.
  10. Customers are more comfortable working with those that are in uniform.

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