Ideas on Handling Irritating yet Proficient Employees

Posted 10 years ago

In a small business, there are instances when owners keep employees because of their skills despite being annoying. Professionally speaking, they do a great job in terms of work performance. However, they are still irritating because of personal wrongdoings.

How should you deal with such issues? Here are some suggestions.

  1. Moodiness can be dealt with easily or difficultly, depending on the employee. It is reasonable to observe and provide counseling on the worker regarding the effect of his behavior to the customers and his colleagues.
  2. Personal hygiene is a private issue, making it integral to respect the worker’s personal space. Keeping the conversation as impersonal as possible is the key to handling the situation.
  3. Employees who love to create and spread rumors and gossips about his co-workers is a serious issue that should be taken care of immediately. You need to acquaint the doer of his behavior and provide disciplinary steps to neutralize the situation.

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