Ways to Prevent Retail Theft This Christmas

Posted 10 years ago

The Holidays are undoubtedly a merry time for many people, especially small business owners. However, as businesses are booming and sales are skyrocketing, opportunistic thieves are also taking advantage of this season to steal goods while shopkeepers are busy entertaining customers who are flooding in with different demands off their shopping lists.

This type of crime can either be devastating for a business or hardly make a dent on sales, either way it’s best to take measures to prevent becoming victims. Here are some ways to stop retail theft this Christmas:
  • Have a relationship with your local police to help identify local repeat offenders and organised gangs, which are the primary causes of retail theft.
  • Take advantage of CCTV and other anti-theft equipment that have all become more affordable as of late.
  • Put up signs warning people that the store is equipped with CCTV and that shoplifters will be prosecuted.
  • Approach suspicious shoppers and offer to help. This is one of the key tactics highlighted by the retailers and industry experts.
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