Ways to Introduce Dress Code in Your Small Business

Posted 8 years ago

a man in a suiteOwning a small business brings different challenges as well as triumphs. One of the possible trials you may encounter as a business owner is how to bring about the use of a dress code for your employees. Sometimes this becomes a challenge because some workers just don’t want to abide.

This guide hopes to help you introduce working clothes in your small business:

– Identify your business. It’s not just about knowing your target market but also understanding what type of company you’re running. By doing so, you’ll have a deeper awareness of what image you want to convey to your clients. Do this prior to demanding your workers to go by the image.

– Set the rule for everyone. Low- and high-ranking workers should all adhere to the new dress code otherwise it will seem unreasonable. Make it applicable to everyone, even yourself.

– Listen to feedback. Hear your employees’ opinions on the new rule. As a small business manager, you need to be tight but not overbearing. Give time to listen to their woes and compromise need be.

Several tips in incorporating an office dress code can be found here.


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