Vital SEO Tips for a Small Business to Succeed

Posted 9 years ago

Tips for a Small Business to SucceedNowadays, integrating a small business with a website, more often than not, does better than not having one. Online marketing with the use of search engine optimization is considerably the best strategy to boost a company’s sales. While this costs lots of money, the end results will be worth the investment.

If you’re still on a tight budget, below are some doable things to help boost your search engine rankings.

– In recent times, the most significant change Google has made in SEO is its preference for longer pages. Unlike in the past when 300 words, at least, was considered alright; modern search engines now prefer at least 400 words in a content.

– Always think of your audience when writing. Days when it was acceptable to stuff too many keywords per content are long gone. Nowadays, content that ranks well are unique, user-friendly, and gives value to visitors.

– Make sure to integrate social media in all your contents. Place ‘Share on Facebook’ or ‘Tweet it’ buttons or links so your audience can easily redirect their friends or followers to your site.

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