Understanding Your Difficult Boss

Posted 8 years ago

Understanding Your Difficult Boss

Not all of us are blessed with their dream jobs. However, even if you’re one of the few who can honestly say work doesn’t feel like work because you love what you do, there has to be something that makes it less than perfect; it may be a long commute to the office, an annoying co-worker, or even a horrible boss.

For those who have to deal with superiors who make work difficult, it may help to understand them and know what makes them tick. Here are several questions you should ask according to “How To Handle A Bad Boss“.
  • What does he care about?
  • What keeps him up at night?
  • What would he love more of and what would he love less of on a daily basis?
  • What frightens him?
  • How much importance does he place on impressing others?
  • How does he measure success and what does he think about failure?


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