Tips for Dressing for Success in the Workplace

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Businessmen shaking handsCommunication skills and appearance – when asked, people typically answer that these are the two things that can reflect one’s professionalism. While some may say that how you look has nothing to do with your work ethic and productivity, making sure that your attire is appropriate for work can project your sincerity towards your job and respect towards your superiors and co-workers.

Also, when meeting business associates and clients, your appearance would make a statement even before you actually start talking.When employees are given the liberty to wear what they want for work, with only certain limitations, they tend to take advantage of this privilege and opt to dress for comfort (in the most exaggerated manner) or even dress provocatively.

While there is nothing wrong with dressing for comfort, wearing loose clothes and slippers would make you look like you simply jumped out of bed and drove straight to work – some may even wonder if you even brushed your teeth. Dressing provocatively, on the other hand, can distract your co-workers and project disrespect.

The first rule in dressing appropriately for work is to acknowledge your industry. If you’re a new employee and you are unsure about the right attire for the industry you are in, consult your employee handbook, ask a human resource representative in your company, or simply check out how your superiors and co-workers dress in the office. Just remember that before making your own rules, you have to determine first that of your workplace.

There are many elements that constitute your working attire and your ultimate goal should be to create harmony among all these elements to look professional and appropriate in the workplace.

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Keep Your Wardrobe Up-to-date

Your clothes are the basic elements of your attire – the shoes you put on, the briefcase you bring, and the accessories you wear will all depend on the color, texture and design of your clothes. Check out the following tips to make sure you look properly dressed in the workplace:

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  • Avoid wearing neon or extremely bright-colored pieces that tend to cause distraction in the office.
  • Wear clothes that fit you well and not those that look unintentionally too big, too small, too short or too long.
  • Skip dull colors that blend with the backgrounds or the walls, especially if you’re going to have a presentation.
  • Avoid clothes that are too revealing; wear a blazer over backless tops or those with really low necklines, and wear skirts just above the knee or longer.
  • Choose and combine colors wisely, and avoid experimenting on colors that seem to clash rather than harmonize.
  • Skip clothes that you’ve already outgrown and invest on modern corporate attires.

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Choose Shoes and Bags Wisely

Your footwear and your bag are extensions of your attire. Here are some tips on matching them with your clothes:

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  • The safest was to go is to choose one color for both the shoes, belt and bag that complements the color of your clothes.
  • When you’re wearing slacks, avoid low socks, and make sure the shades of your slacks, socks and shoes are at an increasing order, your shoes being the darkest.
  • Neutral colors are also safe zones in fashion so make sure you at least have a pair of neutral-colored shoes to match with your clothes.
  • Opt for closed shoes, avoid wearing sports shoes, and for women, skip uncomfortably high-heeled shoes.
  • In pairing shoes and bags with your clothes, make sure that the patterns and designs in all the elements don’t clash with one another.
  • Keep the items in your bag well-organized.

Office Shoe Code

Accessorize in Moderation

The last thing that you’d want to look like at work is a walking Christmas tree with all the ornaments clinking at each other. While accessories are generally worn to improve your attire, wearing too much can actually make you look badly over-dressed.

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  • Remember to keep your accessories in harmony with your clothes, shoes and bag.
  • When your top already has a catchy print or design, skip on the necklace or the two will simply end up clashing.
  • Opt for matching accessories, especially when it comes to metallic and pearls.
  • Wear an office-appropriate watch.

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Look Good and Look Clean

The best way to maximize your awesome attire is by maintaining good hygiene. Trim your nails and fix your hair – avoid going out with wet hair – and for women, avoid wearing vulgarly heavy make-up.

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