Little Ways to Reward Employees

Posted 10 years ago

Award can boost employees work effectivness.

Let’s face it, regardless of how much you love your job, enjoy the company of the colleagues that you now consider friends, and adore your boss, it feels great to be rewarded or acknowledged from time to time for all the work that you do.

Even if your workers know they are appreciated, showing it to them has been proven to be the best way to keep them engaged. You don’t have to give them an automatic raise for being the best, you can give them little, low-cost rewards.
Here are some examples from Forbes:
  • Post a thank you note where they and others can see.
  • Throw a pizza party or cake party in their honor.
  • Give a long-lunch, extra break, or comp time.
  • Feature them in the company newsletter or talk about them in a mass email.
  • Gift them flowers, a book, movie tickets, a gift certificate or other small gift.


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