How to Successfully Start a Business While Having a Full Time Job

Posted 10 years ago

Discuss how they manage their business while having a full time job.

So you have a full-time job but have dreams of starting your own business. However, as much as you want to quit for good and focus full time on starting your own venture, it’s not exactly an option. You either: a.) Don’t have enough money to make that dream a reality and rely solely on your salary b.) Are too scared of failure and not having a back-up plan, or c.) You love your job and can’t imagine not working for your company.

Well luckily for you, you don’t exactly have to choose. You can keep your job and make your way to fulfilling your entrepreneurship goals all at the same time. Owner of Karla Trotman did just that. Here are some of her tips so you can attain success while juggling a job and a business:
  • Carry a notebook to record your thoughts, ideas and inspirations.
  • Read business books and devour as many as you can.
  • Avoid distractions like TV, Facebook, and other unnecessary noise that’ll only waste your time.
  • Put a launch date on your calendar and schedule your deliverables backward.
  • Exhibit professionalism and polishing anything, like logos and websites, related to your brand or business.
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