How to Motivate Your Employees During a Time of Crisis

Posted 8 years ago

a grafitti of a bird and two listen wordsWhen workers experience crises in life, motivation sometimes fly away from the minds of business owners. It’s not because they don’t want to uplift their employee’s spirits but they just don’t know how.

During this times of crises, note that your employees lose their sense of security and stability, so what can you do as a small business owner to keep your employees motivated during these times?

Here are some suggestions:

1. Open communication – Don’t leave your employees out in the dark. Hold meetings, organize personal heart to heart talks, or send letters. In times like this, they need to know they have someone to depend on, at the very least.

2. Listen – Be a business owner who listens to what his employees fear or thinks of. If you can’t handle the listening because of other important reasons, hire an outside counselor to facilitate your employees.

3. Encourage – Even with all the negativity, encourage your employees and reassure them that everything will be alright. It helps to know someone cares.

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