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Posted 10 years ago

Nowadays, Social media is a great help to promote our businessMost people thing that most success stories are based on hard work, great ideas, and never sharing all that you know. However,┬á’s Drummond Gilbert doesn’t completely agree with the last statement. He believes that sharing ideas equals learning from each other’s expertise and is great for any business, not just a chance to copy from each other.

Moreover, he likes using different medium’s to interact with people. Some of his favorites are SurveyMonkey, where he puts up questionnaires, social media websites, like Facebook and Twitter, and Xing, where netizens can give their opinions about his website.
According to an article, “Facebook and Twitter are great for instantaneous feedback on ideas, but I think to really benefit from social media you need to start looking further afield. I am setting up a group on Xing that will allow the potential users of my site to have their say on how the website is built. This provides a double benefit, the website will be well designed as it will incorporate customers’ needs and it builds up demand for the service before we’ve launched.”
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