Amazing Quotes from Henry Ford about Business, Leadership, and Life

Posted 7 years ago

''It is not your business to succeed, but to do right. When you have done so the rest lies with god.'' - C.S. LewisDo you know Henry Ford? Well, we all know he was the founder of Ford Motor Company, the creator of the Model T, and strong supporter of mass production in the form of assembly line. Ford wasn’t only a wonderful human being. He was a true font of pithy and insightful one-liners about business and leadership.

He was a progressive individual and forward-thinking in so many ways. He hired African-Americans, women, and even disabled people before other business owners did. He was also very passionate about paying good wages to hire and keep the best and deserving employees.

You can read 21 fresh and inspiring quotes from this very remarkable man by clicking this link.

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