6 Tricks to Get Your Small Business Ahead Using SEO

Posted 10 years ago

SEO plays an important role in running an internet marketing campaign.Small businesses can greatly benefit from SEO or Search Engine Optimization. It’s low-cost, easy, and above all, effective. If you’re a business owner who hasn’t heard or considered SEO yet, then you can consider yourself out of the competition as companies who are taking advantage of this marketing strategy are possibly way ahead of you.

When you do start your SEO game you must be well aware that you won’t be seeing results automatically. Fortunately there are things you can do in order to quickly catch up and even get ahead of your competition. Here are the “6 One-Time Tricks to Boost Your Small Business SEO Campaigns” according to Huffington Post contributer and small business expert Jose Vasquez.
  1. Make your website faster by using a great cache plugin, deleting data that could affect speed and resizing your images.
  2. Apply microformatting as this makes you more visible to Google by making certain information visible as well.
  3. Give your images a higher chance of appearing on Google searches by making sure descriptions are detailed correctly.
  4. Claim profiles or make sure your business is on as many social media platforms as possible.
  5. Make sure all you local data information is accurate on directories and review sites.
  6. Get your site HTTPS security now and you’ll be thankful later.
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