Importance of Employee Engagement and How It Can Be Measured

Posted 10 years ago

Employee engagement is important because a well-engaged employee means the difference between just showing up or excelling at what they do. With today’s increased competition for top-notch talent, and the huge costs to retrain new staff, engagement becomes more important than ever. When engagement is low things can get off track really quick and it can spread like wildfire…best practices are usually the process that falls apart when engagement is low, though best practices are what produce ideal outcomes. 

– Gabe Zichermann, CEO & Co-Founder of Dopamine and author of The Gamification Revolution.

In an article from, the importance of employee engagement and the method by which it is measured is discussed. Through a survey that features 12 questions addressed to workers, the level of their engagement can be determined. It is then important to follow-up on the findings by employing techniques that can increase their involvement in their work, such as finding out what motivates them, setting goals and sharing vision, and regularly providing constructive feedback.
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