Survey Finds Small Business Owners Are Happier than Before

Posted 10 years ago

If you have been having doubts about quitting your boring 9 to 5 job and pursuing your dream of setting up your own small business, then this article on may just take away all the jitters. In a survey done by GoDaddy this week, it was concluded that small business owners are so much happier running their own companies than they were when they were working for someone else.

“The great thing about being a small business owner is that you are in control, and you have a feeling of mastery,” said Steven Aldrich, GoDaddy’s senior vice president for business solutions in the article. “You control your own destiny.”
One of the reasons a majority of these entrepreneurs are so contented with their current situations is that they get to spend more quality time with their families. Being their own bosses has also been found to have positively impacted their overall health and well-being.
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