Essential Ways to Drive Employees to Work Better

Posted 10 years ago

Performance work-week, Brussels 2012No small business owner wants his employees to be unproductive at work. As much as possible, it is desirable to see workers who have a purpose and perform well during work hours.

Sometimes motivation becomes a problem when talking about work performance. It is not because the workers are all lazy. Some external or internal factors that could affect the performance may exist.

In order to help keep the drive going at the workplace, has given us the following advice:

– Identify the remarkable things an employee did and commend him for such splendid work. A small appreciation can be your stepping-stone to driving the others to perform well.

– Set your goals clearly and make sure that everyone working under you understands and realizes these goals.

– Assess each employee’s work performance. Send healthy criticisms to aid an employee who is not performing well.

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