Embroidered Polo Shirts – Finding the Right Fit and Staying Stylish

Posted 4 years ago

In the best-case scenario, the polo shirts that you elect to purchase and wear should be slim-fitting and include sleeves that reach to the halfway mark located between your elbow and your shoulder.

While the shirt should fit so that it is close to the skin, it should not be too tight. Ideally, you should be able to fit a finger in between the skin and the shirt. The neckline should be to where it extends down into the area of the chest when it is not buttoned.

Continue reading to learn how to find the right fit when purchasing embroidered polo shirts and how to stay stylish while wearing them.

The Proper Shoulder Fit

A polo shirt is a dress shirt. Yes, a casual dress shirt, but a dress shirt, nonetheless. The seam of the shoulder area should sit directly on the bone of the shoulder. As mentioned previously, the sleeve should be slim-fitting.

If not, and you go too large, you will carry an old-fashioned appeal about you. If it is too tight, you may edge on the verge of tacky. Make certain that it does not go higher or lower than the half-way mark between the shoulder and the elbow.

The Length

Untucked, the polo shirt that you purchase should sit immediately below the belt line. If you tuck in the shirt, it should not go past the halfway mark of your fly region in the front. To go for the slim, trendy look, go for those that have a short hem in the back area.

For those with a bigger physique, it is important to opt for a classic fit so that the material drapes over the torso area in a stylish manner. If you are wearing the polo shirt as part of dress attire, you should opt for one that is a custom fit. That is, it is tighter against the torso area, a short front, and higher holes for the arms.


Generally speaking, you may choose embroidered polo shirts that are composed of six different types of materials. The following outlines these materials with a little information about each:

  1. Blended – These mix together different types of synthetic materials for a more inexpensive polo. Ideal for corporate clothing, these are often considered the least comfortable of all polo types.
  2. Polyester – This type of material is highly resistant to shrinkage, stains, and wrinkles; however, they have a low level of breathability which means your core body temperature may increase and you are likely to experience discomfort as a result of the sweating that accompanies the high levels of heat.
  3. Linen – If you are looking for a shirt that has a crisp look, this is it; however, it must be understood that the fabric may be rough and irritating against the skin.
  4. Performance – These are perfect for athletes and those with active lifestyles. They reduce odors, have a high level of breathability, protect against UV rays, and are extremely lightweight. Perfect for the individual seeking comfort.
  5. Silk – This is perfect for those that want to be stylish and comfortable.
  6. Pure Cotton – This material has the natural ability to wick out moisture. It is comfortable and classy. It also comes in a variety of knits. These include woven, jersey, pique, and more. This is the most versatile polo shirt in terms of style, comfort, and affordability.

Now that you know how to size your polo shirt and stay stylish, contact us today to learn how to obtain your high-quality, stylish custom embroidered polo shirts by calling

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