Disinfecting Clothing May Aid in Preventing the Spread of COVID-19

Posted 4 years ago

The COVID-19 illness was tested on numerous surfaces. For the purpose and intent of this article, we are going to focus on the study involving cloth. It was found to live on the surface of this textile for just under 2 days.

The good news is, when it was evaluated, the virus seemed to be highly sensitive to heat. By simply increasing the heat to approximately 160°F, the virus became inactive after 5 minutes of exposure.

It was also found that the virus was eliminated when exposed to bleach, ethanol, and hydrogen peroxide.

Disinfecting Clothes at Home

To disinfect clothing pieces when doing your laundry at home, utilize a detergent that contains bleach. If it is not a color-safe detergent, use one without bleach. Your water temperature should be set from as low as 140°F to 200°F.

Remember to read all clothing labels before subjecting the pieces to high temperatures. All clothing should be dried using a dryer on the highest heat setting. While laundry is either in the washer or the dryer, disinfect the laundry basket that you use.

When handling dirty clothing pieces, you should always wear gloves and a mask to prevent free floating droplets from exposing you to the virus.

Expand Your Wardrobe

In a world that is plagued by a serious health crisis, you may want to consider expanding your wardrobe to easy to clean/disinfect clothing and easily recognizable pieces that may be worn at work or out and about.

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