Creative Techniques for Getting Your Child Excited About Wearing a Face Mask

Posted 4 years ago

In recent months in cities and counties around the country, many governments, retailers, restaurants, medical facilities, schools, and other types of establishments have now mandated the use of face masks or face coverings in order to enter those facilities.

Parent Putting Mask On Kid

This comes as a result of the guidelines put into place by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on keeping everyone safe from the spread of the coronavirus responsible for the current pandemic, COVID-19. Unfortunately, many children are having a difficult time adjusting to this “new normal”.

In this brief guide, you will be introduced to a couple of creative techniques for instilling excitement in your child when it comes time to put on their mask.

Becoming a Superhero

Superheroes are known for standing up for that which is right, that which protects others. Today’s frontline health workers are just like superheroes. They are working with the highest level of diligence on a daily basis to protect those that are healthy and to fight the sicknesses that are causing patients problems.

Now, everyone can play the role of a superhero – including your child. You could use this comparison to motivate your child to wear a mask; after all, most superheroes DO wear a mask or another type of protective clothing. Now, you can tell your child that they are acting like a superhero!

By simply wearing a mask, they are not only protecting others, they are taking the steps necessary to fight COVID-19.

Make it Fun

Once you have convinced your child that they are acting like a superhero, it is time to make mask wearing a fun experience. You may initiate the process by ensuring that you serve as a positive role model in wearing your mask, too.

Next, you should include your child in choosing their face masks. Today, you are capable of getting masks in an assortment of styles, colors, and designs. You may even have masks embroidered to include a child’s name, favorite saying, or picture!

If you like, you may allow your child to decorate their own face mask with paint, glitter, stickers, patches, and more! Customized masks are truly unique and your child will become much more excited about having to wear one that they helped make or design.

Positive Reinforcement

Once your child starts growing used to the idea of wearing a mask, you will likely observe them taking the initiative to put the mask on themselves when it is time.

If and when you see your child taking the appropriate safety measures in terms of masks and other types of personal protective items and/or hygiene techniques, you should point it out and use praise and/or provide small rewards. This is a great way to keep the enthusiasm up!

Let Us Help

We here at specialize in creating face masks and adding embroidery to face coverings. If you would like to order these items for your family, you are sure to be pleased at our selection.

If you are trying to get your child excited about wearing face masks, we can help! Simply outline the embroidered design that you would like integrated to your mask and we will do the rest! For more information, contact us today by calling: 888-353-7656

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