Creative Employee Recognition Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Posted 4 years ago

While it is true that Valentine’s Day is typically reserved for sharing you care, concern, and love for your significant other, it is also a time where you may recognize others in your life for their kindness, their support, and your “love” for their contributions.

As a result of this, many businesses are starting to integrate the holiday in such a way that they are able to display their appreciation for their employees.

There are several unique ways to celebrate the strong non-intimate bonds between yourself and your employees. In this brief guide, you will learn about a few creative employee recognition gift ideas that your valued employees are sure to enjoy!

Customized Sweater Fleeces or Lightweight Jackets

If you have a hardworking dedicated employee in your company that performs exceptionally well, you may give the gift of a customized sweater fleece or a customized lightweight jacket this Valentine’s Day.

While not yet spring, these types of customized clothing will prove to be highly welcomed by those that want optimal protection from the elements – be it wind, rain, sleet, or snow.

You may incorporate high-quality embroidery on it to include the name of your company, the employees name, and any special award or recognition you would like to express towards that individual.

Upon receipt, your employee is sure to wear the gift with pride. In addition to boosting morale, these customized gift options are also a wonderful way to increase brand awareness.

Customized High-Quality Messenger Bags

Do those special employees you want to recognize this Valentine’s Day carry tablets, laptops, and other devices back and forth to the workplace or within the workplace?

If so, you may choose to give the gift of high-quality messenger bags. These include large padded compartments, zippered pockets on the side, and a front flap that allows for embellishment – such as embroidered company name, employee name, and title.

In addition to this, they include adjustable shoulder straps and large interior dimensions.

High-Fashion Tailored Work Shirts

If you want to recognize employees that stand out and are an exception to the workplace, you may purchase high-fashion tailored work shirts.

Examples include crosshatch shirts, poplin shirts, polo shirts, sport shirts with tipped trim, and more! These may include customized stitching that states the name of your business and/or the name of the employee it is going to be given.

These high-quality professional shirts will help your top employees stand out and be an example to others within the workplace.

We Can Help!

If you are ready to purchase gifts to recognize your special employees for Valentine’s Day, we here at can help! We offer a large assortment of items that may be created and given to all those special people that you truly appreciate.

In addition to the items previously mentioned, you may also choose from hats, caps, uniforms, aprons, smocks, totes, and more!

To truly warm the heart of your employees and express the love that you have for their performance in the workplace, contact us today for more information: 888-353-7656

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