Brands You Should Consider When Buying Work Clothes

Posted 4 years ago

In the year of 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency released information stating that there was about 11.9 million tons of textile-based waste generated in the United States alone.

Brands You Should Consider When Buying Work Clothes

Most of this waste ended up in landfills across the nation. This increased by 750% since the year of 1960. Many believe that the increased waste in clothing directly coincides with the induction of clothing brands that specialize in extremely cheap clothing.

While these brands may be attractive to those that want to save on their clothing costs, they are not creating high-quality clothing that is built to last; therefore, consumers are wearing out the clothing pieces faster and having to replace them at an alarming rate. If you are in search of a clothing brand that designs highly durable work clothes that will last, continue reading.

Port Authority Official Clothing

Created in the year of 1994, Port Authority specializes in creating an extremely broad selection of both clothing pieces and accessories. This company places a high emphasis on utilizing high-quality textiles and other components to create their pieces.

However, they also know and understand that people are searching for value, too! By choosing to purchase work clothes from this brand, you will find that you have access to a line of long-lasting, carefully-crafted pieces that are exceptionally durable.

It does not matter if you are in the market for work polos, woven pieces, headwear, or even fleece-based garments for the work place, you will love the style, flair, and durability that Port Authority Official Clothing has to offer!

Harrington Sport Shirts

In the market for high-quality, long-lasting work shirts? If you answered “yes”, you will love the selection offered by Harrington Sport Shirts! It does not matter if you are in search of blended polo shirts, cotton polos, pullovers, denim shirts, microfiber shirts, fleece pieces, oxfords, or athletic shirts, you are sure to find what you need and want by choosing Harrington.

The materials used to craft all of the sport shirts that Harrington offers exhibits the best when it comes to the textile industry. Each is created with a high sense of fashion and flair! Best of all, these shirts are designed to last! In addition to being designed to withstand even the most challenging workplaces, these shirts are priced just right and are compatible with any budget.

Eddie Bauer

In the year of 1920, an outdoorsman and a guide by the name of Eddie Bauer launched his brand in a very small store located in Seattle. In 1936 – after suffering from hypothermia – he invented the down Skyliner and started specializing in gear and clothing for cold-weather environments.

He went on to design the first flight suit for the Army in WWII, patented the first down jacket for women, and continued to create stylish, durable apparel and accessories throughout his life. Now, you can own your own piece of the Bauer magic!

If you are in search of quality clothing pieces for work, you will love all of the various apparel pieces from this amazing clothing brand.

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