A Simple Guide for Identifying High Quality Work Clothing for Construction Workers and Other Types of Outdoor Contractors

Posted 4 years ago

As a construction worker or other type of outdoor contractor, you must take special care in selecting the apparel that you will wear while performing your work. You must ensure that the clothing is able to not only stand up to the true test associated with time, but with the harsh conditions, elements, and environments in which you work.

Generally speaking, you must ensure that the clothing is durable, resistant to abrasion, designed so that you have the highest level of freedom of movement, is capable of standing up against the elements, and provides you with the highest level of protection.

In this guide, we will briefly touch on the three top criteria so that you are capable of choosing the highest quality clothing for your needs.


The first aspect of identifying high quality clothing is its level of durability. Basically, this means that it should not wear too quickly. Consider the following factors:

  1. Has the clothing been pre-washed so that it does not shrink and it is easier to break in?
  2. Does it have industrial-based stitching that will reduce the risk of seam issues and will aid in ensuring that the high stress areas last longer?
  3. Is it composed of thick fabric, such as canvas or high-quality cotton?

Resistant to Abrasion

When purchasing work apparel, it is essential that you make certain it has a high resistance to abrasion; that is, wearing of the material when it is subjected to other surfaces. This is especially true if you perform repetitive motions while working.

Personal Protection

High quality work clothing will protect you the elements and the line of work in which you perform. You must carefully consider your work environment and the various elements that you will be subjected to within that environment.

Ideal work clothes for those in outdoor environments should protect against the rain, wind, UV rays, and other weather-based conditions. The clothing should dry quickly if it becomes wet, inhibit odors, and integrate reflection so that you may be seen by others in low lighting conditions.

You should also opt for clothing that protects against chemicals, overheating, and flames. Look for layered pieces, double-stitched pieces, and heavy materials.


If you work in construction or another type of contract work outside, it is imperative that you take the time to select clothing pieces that will provide long wear and lasting protection.

Here, we have a wide assortment of clothing pieces that you are sure to benefit from having and wearing while performing work in your profession. The best way to determine if what we offer is ideal for your job, you may view our samples.

We provide clothing for many reputable names. These include – but are not limited to – Krispy Kreme, Subway, BMW, and the Professional Golfers’ Association of America. For more information on ideal work apparel for your profession, you may contact us today by calling: 888-353-7656

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