Ideas on How to Promote your Business on Facebook

Posted 8 years ago

Promote your Business on FacebookFacebook can be your tool in promoting a business. With 800 million users around the globe that spend 700 billion minutes a year, there’s no doubt that it could be the power tool to market your business online.

Currently FB can hold up to 30 billion pieces of shared content each month. However how can you make sure that the piece of content that they do share is yours? Below are some ideas to avoid common mistakes:

  • In broadcasting, don’t focus on the wrong word in the phrase “social media.” “Media” is not the active word here.
  • Automated tools like Buffer are very useful for scheduling automated messages to post on FB.
  • Don’t break any terms of service, this might give a chance that your page could get flagged.
  • Learn from the best but emulate them without copying them.

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