Custom Embroidery Designs on Shirts is Better Than Printing

Posted 5 years ago

For adding logos, pictures, wording, and other designs to apparel, you have two standard options – embroidery and printing. Embroidery integrates a process which sews a design directly onto apparel pieces. Printing utilizes ink and special machinery to place a design onto apparel.embroidered shirts better than printed

While both of these options will produce beautifully-designed apparel for your employees or those within your organization, embroidery is the ideal solution for companies seeking to create luxurious pieces that positively contribute to their brand.

The Process of Creating Embroidery Shirts

When embroidery shirts are created, the design placed on the pieces is created by the direct stitching of threads into the fabric. This is an automated process that is performed by computerized machinery.

In most instances, these embroidery machines have multiple sewing heads with numerous needles in each of them. Each needle in each sewing head is a unique color. Initially, the design that you want placed on the shirt is placed into a program.

Then, the embroidery machine is instructed to recreate that programmed design. An operator must then load the shirts into the machine and the process initializes and each shirt is completed.

The Prestigious Choice

In terms of logo designs and business clothing, embroidery is often perceived as the most prestigious choice. This is especially true when it comes to caps, polo shirts, outerwear, and other types of business attire.

Embroidery machinery has the unique ability to create beautiful pieces that display the highest quality in craftsmanship. If you are attempting to create long-lasting apparel that will positively contribute to your company’s reputation and brand, it is best to opt for embroidery designs on your apparel.

You will find that the exquisite detail, the magnificent work of the machinery, and the colors combine to create a beautiful garment that will capture the attention of your customers and attract other consumers to your business, too!

Shirt Options

When opting to get cheap custom polo embroidery shirts, it is important to ensure that you opt for the right quality shirt to ensure that the embroidered design comes out looking its absolute best. This works best with shirts that are made from equal parts cotton and polyester.

It is also important to opt for preshrunk shirts that are created with dry blend fabric. This detail will ensure that moisture is kept away from the body. The goal is to choose a high-quality piece that displays excellence in value and a wonderful means of advertising for your company.

We Can Help

Here at EPOLOS.COM, we offer embroidery designs on high-quality apparel at the most competitive prices. You will discover that the process for obtaining your business apparel is a very simple one. Our special services start at $3.95 for each shirt.

Additionally, you will pay no set-up fees or any fees for the digitizing process associated with the embroidery process. If you would like more information, or would like to learn how to get your business shirts started, simply contact us today at: 888-353-7656

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