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MaryKay Sheer Mineral Pressed Powder in Ivory makeup review

Pros:What first got my attention was the word "sheer mineral". For combination-oily girls like me, mineral makeup seems to be the best in terms of staying power and oil control. With the MaryKay Sheer Mineral Pressed Powder, I get 7-8 hours of wear without fading. Buffing the product in with a good brush will give you a very sheer, almost natural finish that doesn't oxidize or "cake up" on the face as the day wears on. Furthermore, I only paid around 600php+ for itnot bad for my first foray into trying out this American brand that sells makeup directly to their consumers (via retail sales).

Cons:Be aware that some ingredients may cause allergies such as talc or paraben. So do tread lightly and test this product out a little at a time. Thankfully, my skin isn't as sensitive and has not reacted adversely to these ingredients so far. MaryKay is actually very good at formulating products that are safe for all skin types but there are just some girls out there who have quite sensitive skin. Also, I believe there is an actual compact for this which I have yet to discover. Because I would have personally liked to have a mirror and a mini brush to go along so I can take it around with me for quick touch-ups. I suppose that is asking too much for the price?

Overall:In the end, despite the wonderful claims, the MaryKay Sheer Mineral Pressed Powder wasn't able to replace my MAC Studio Fix Powder functionality-wise. So I decided to give this product to my mom because of the promise to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. She really likes it and it actually looks better on her than it does on me! Likewise, she does not have allergic skin reactions to talc or paraben. I would still recommend this to girls who would like to stay matte (but fresh-looking) all day and to those with no skin issues.

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