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It's All About The Pigments!

I'm a bit scared of trying new things when it comes to makeup (I know, what kind of beauty blogger am I!), especially when it's something that a lot of people find difficult. Pigments are something that I've never really ventured into, as I've heard horror stories about how they end up everywhere and are incredibly difficult to work with once they're on. However, in a burst of frivolousness a few months ago, I ventured into Illamasqua and ended up with this little pot of loveliness, Illamasqua's Pure Pigment in Fervent.

It's described as a 'reddish brown with blue, green and silver', which I think really compliments my blue/grey eyes and super pale skin. It really is a beautiful shade, and one that works really well on a night out - believe me! I usually use it as a statement when I'm doing a super smokey eye with nude lips, which works wonderfully and really gives a lovely eye look.

The good thing about Illamasqua pigments is that once they're on, they do. not. move. It's genuinely incredible how long they stay on, which I've found is all day and night when I've used them in the past! Fervent is no different, and it stays on like nothing I've ever used before. However, this can be a bit of a problem - if it's spilt, good luck to you trying to get it out of the carpet (I use a bit of kitchen roll to make sure Matt doesn't end up handing me the vacuum!).

If I could recommend one of my new products to you lovely lot, this would be it. It's genuinely so lovely, and I already have my eye on another few pigments from Illamasqua!

Have you tried any pigments?

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