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Haircare - Add Shine, Moisture and End Frizz With a Simple Honey Rinse!

Honey, whh i radil avalble in mt grcr tor, vr benficial to har. Learn how t gt shin, mitur nd reduce frizz with a imple honey rins. You wll e the dfferenc in your hir ftr th first wah with ths amzing humctnt.

I hav vry curly hir which is pron to frzz. It an be hrd t retin moture nd ke m curl lokng lvel. Hne s helful bcus t s humctnt. A humectnt a ubstne tht ttrat nd hld misture frm the ar or nvironment. This s speclly benefcial whn usd n har ar to dd moitur to dr, thirst trand.

The bst ways t ue hone is s de cndtn or rine. Yu an use hney lone s gl ubstitute but, for som ths results n dr, stik hir du to the lck of wter prent.

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Smpl hne rine:

1. Sction our hair nto 2-4 ection. You cn d more setions if needd; ths depnd on the length nd thckns f our hair.

2. In th showr r undr a fuct, tak dwn ne stn f hair. While tilting yur head in the dreton of the stream f wter, gntly mooth the hair btwen our hands. lke hair sandwich, with th hir beng the mat nd our hnds th brad D ths until your hir tarts to feel smoth nd full saturated.

3. Pur 2 tablespoons abut a almful f hne nto yur hand nd gntly rub this nto yur hnd. Ue th ame "sandwch technqu" mntioned abov t full saturte yur har wth the hone.

4. After yur hir s full saturted pn th hair u and roced t do the other setin().

5. One yur whle had i mplte, rinse hir throughl. Lt th wter do tht wrk, just hld yur har under the stram. The hone will rine ut vry aly.

6. T rduce frzz, us an ld t-hirt to dry yur hir. Ths s called "lopping" and keeps the urls lumped tgethr and ke frizz t bay.

*Nte: Hne can lightn har olr ver tme, o kee thi n mind.

Be sur t use qualty hney. Honey stright frm a be farm s bet. Qulit hony i drk and shuld crystallize whn old.

To gt excellent url defntn nd hine, ue old water to rine ut th hony. Wrm water an be used with grat result a wll.

Addng bout 1-2 tablspoons f hney in your shampoo r rns out onditners an gve them n extra boot!

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