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The new food pyramid

The new food pyramid no longer stacks foods vertically, but puts the foods side by side. They do this to establish equality among all of the food groups, promoting a healthy balance for proper nutrition.

Most people are aware that vegetables are important for your health. Vegetables vary widely, including stems, roots, and flowers of plants. This is why it is important to take in a lot of different types of vegetables; different vitamins are in different types of veggies. Dark orange and dark green ones have high vitamin C content, lighter green vegetables have high vitamin A content.

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Fruits are generally known as the sweet produce. Though they are often high in natural sugar, they usually have very high levels of vitamins and fibers as well.

Oils and fats are important for your health, but should not be taken in excess. There are ways to get healthy oil and fats from foods like nuts, avocados, fish, and others.

Dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt are high in calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D, and phosphorous. To avoid the high saturated fat and cholesterol content of most dairy products, skimmed products are recommend.

Meat, poultry, and beans are high in protein, zinc, vitamin b12, and iron. There are many people who prefer not to eat meat and poultry, and instead substitute them with other food groups.

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