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Brown Sugar Kiwi Face Scrub - DIY

Do you love face scrubs? I do. I love feeling the coarse ingredients on my face cleaning out the day's hard work and having buttery soft skin afterwards.
Some face scrubs have irritated my skin because of their coarse nature making my skin blotchy red, but that hasn't stop me from scrubbing.
Recently, I stumbled upon a skin care line that I really enjoy where the creator uses natural ingredients in her products. This particular skin care line, like most others, are very expensive. Working on the cheap, I have found good trade offs to most of the products this line offers which suit me just fine. However, one item I haven't found a suitable replacement for is the microderm abrasion scrub...until now. Wow! This is amazing!
I chose not to list the skin care line because that is not the point of this post. My intentions of this post we're to create an original DIY face scrub that provided me with the same benefits as this skin care line version.

There are three major ingredients you need to include in your DIY face scrub.An Exfoliant, an Oil, and Antioxidants. (The last is not required, but recommended.)
1. The Exfoliant
In this recipe, I used brown sugar because it has a coarse texture yet is the softest scrub I've tried. It gently melts on your face as you blend it in.Other options: iodized sea salt, black sea salt, white sugar, or other desired ingredients

2. The Antioxidants
When creating your scrub you can add any type of blended fruit, or vitamin oil/essential oil. I used kiwi in this scrub. In addition to their antioxidant properties, the fruits (strawberries, pineapple, kiwi) and vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes) provide beneficial ingredients to help clean out your pores and prevent future breakouts. You want to ensure the essential oil you use is safe for your face. Watch out for the ones with fragrance, they can be dangerous.

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3. The Oil
Options: sweet almond oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, etc..In addition to the small amount of vitamins/essential oil, you need the liquid base to your scrub. Coconut oil is known to help moisturize, but for some can cause breakouts-try it on a small area before including in your scrub. I used sweet almond oil in this recipe.
Also included in my recipe is a bit of honey and lemon juice.

You must have at least equal parts of liquid and solid (i.e. brown sugar)- the bulk of your scrub should be the solid ingredient in order to have a successful 'scrub'. If your face scrub to liquid it will go on as a face wash and will you miss out on the scrubbing, pore clearing benefits.
You will feel a soft buttery feeling after using the scrub with almond oil - I can't speak for the other oil options because I haven't used those yet! This scrub fulfilled my microderm abrasion need on a less expensive budget.
I put the extra scrub in the fridge for later in the week. Set out your scrub 15 minutes prior to using to warm up to room temperature.
Soon on the blog- cucumber eye lotion to compliment your brown sugar scrub!
What face scrubs have you tried and enjoyed?

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