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Different Types of Envelopes

An envelope is something that we accept without question for daily use, just like the stamps we stick on them. Nevertheless, the envelope as we know it has only existed since the first American patent was issued in 1849. These days they are used for so many different things in addition to the obvious letters. So let's start looking more deeply into envelopes.

The DL envelope is just about the most popular size used around the world. The DL takes an A4 sheet of paper folded into three and countless thousands are used every single day for business letters and the like. Whilst in the USA the standard Monarch envelope is the most employed for business communications such as direct mailings, letterheads, invoices and statements.

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Any commercial enterprise that is attempting to be more environmentally friendly could very easily do a little something that can help by moving to recycled paper products. At one time recycled envelopes we're expensive to supply and thus these prices we're passed on to the buyer. However, at this point technology means that there is little or no cost difference yet a tremendous difference with the effect on the environment.

Vellum envelopes are of a greater level of quality when compared with normal cellophane window envelopes. In the past your bank manager, lawyer or accountancy firm would all perhaps apply vellum envelopes when corresponding with you. These days they are largely used with card making. A modern day application for vellum envelopes are those manufactured to be translucent. These can be purchased in a mass of sizes, shapes and colors, to be used for invites, announcements as well as for novelties. Most are in the announcement a2 to a10 range.

Security envelopes are intended in order that it is impossible to determine the contents through the envelope. This specific makes them perfect for business checks or anything at all that contain personal information. There is usually a imprinted inner lining in security envelopes which conceals the detail on the correspondence inside. Typically these are sold in an average commercial size #10.

Stardream envelopes are made with a metallic finish so that they are a touch unique. These are typically put to use in more costly handmade cards or for wedding invites. Then again a lot of kraft leather envelope vendors carry these in the full range of sizes so they could be used for a number of diverse things. And also, do not believe you are restricted to silver or gold envelopes, as these are offered also in anthracite, quartz, opal and ruby.

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