Proper Business Etiquette You Should Never Leave Home Without

Posted 8 years ago

Expert Advice for All Aspiring Business EntrepreneursShowing proper business etiquette is important and it says a lot about you as a leader. People who show care in the way they behave around other people display the qualities of a good leader – they guide others quietly through their examples. Civil manners don’t go unnoticed – we see them because they standout.

Here are a few suggestions:

– Don’t be offensive with your camera. Oftentimes, we become offensive with our cameras without us knowing it – “Instagramming” food has received negative press lately that restaurants have started cracking down people who snap pictures of their food as it is distracting for other people. This is a practice best reserved for family dinners but we are all guilty of it.

– Ring tones are no longer for the purpose of signaling an incoming call – for many people they are a way to attract attention to themselves and their hipness. This could be annoying for the other employees who are in the other cubicles, for instance.

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