6 Steps to Handle Employee’s Attendance Issues

Posted 8 years ago

imagesEven if you are pretty good with your employees, paying them well, praising them for a job well done, and giving them time off when they need it, it’s inevitable to have a few that just aren’t quite up there with the rest. When running a business, it’s quite common to have employees that don’t quite meet your expectations or give you a cause for concern. A common problem that bosses have at the workplace is employee’s attendance.

To fix this problem, here are a 6 steps business owners can take:
  1. Set clear expectations about your attendance policy
  2. Enforce the rules you have set for employee attendance.
  3. Take the employee aside when he starts showing signs of attendance problems.
  4. Counsel your employee on your attendance policy and give her another copy of your employee handbook, if applicable.
  5. Explain to the problem employee that their absence creates extra work for the rest of the employees and that’s not fair because they’re not getting paid more for the extra time and work.
  6. Use your policy as a guideline on disciplinary action
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