Handling Employee Bias the Right Way

Posted 8 years ago

By definition, bias is the failure of judgment wherein irrational assumptions on people and situations are drawn. In running a small business, it becomes a natural phenomenon for employee bias to exist between staff members.

Several factors can be the cause of employee bias, this includes misunderstandings, misconceptions, false impressions, erroneous beliefs of the company’s standards, and abuse of power. In order to tackle this, below are suggested ways to identify if employee bias exists in your small business.

– A business’s mission and vision often do not have an impact on the employees. What matters more to them are their career and job security as well as personal goals. Analyze what is important to each staff member.

– Do not put all the blame on the employees in question. Take time to consider whatever faults exist in your strategies and find a solution that can be good for both parties involved.

Read Dealing with employee bias for a detailed explanation and more ideas on running a small business.

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