Small Businesses Need to Step Up Motivation Tactics to Keep Employees

Posted 9 years ago

It doesn’t really matter if the employees are happy with their job when they’re given an opportunity to leave for another small business company. They will transfer if you’re not taking care and motivating them the right way. Don’t just stick to the “old” ways of encouragement.

Below are some of the research study results conducted by FutureStep published in its ‘Innovation Imperative’ report:

– 65% of the employees satisfied with their current jobs will change sides if given more unique benefits by the other firm.

– 52% of the employees will find a new company if promises to change how they’re developed are actually not met by the company.

– 80% expect their employers to amaze them with the company’s recruitment, motivation, and encouragement methods. The same percentage said they perform better if engaged interestingly.

Do you want to know more about this survey so you can reshape your motivation strategies and keep your best employees for a long time? Then, read this now.

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