Tips on How Small Businesses Can Deal with Complaints

Posted 8 years ago

In running a small business, there will always be days when customers will complain about a service or product you’re selling. When you don’t know how to face and tackle this problem, you’re placing your small business in a higher risk of going down. A simple complaint from an unhappy customer may bring down your workforce’s morale thus affecting productivity and success.

Avoid this situation from happening by applying the tips written below.

  • Schedule a talk with them, personally. Never address the issue brusquely. If you hear any complaint, invite the complainant for a serious talk in a quiet place. Set a time limit for the meeting to take place which shouldn’t be more than fifteen minutes.
  • Don’t try to cheer up the complainer. You’re only wasting precious time telling him what transpired isn’t as bad as it seems. Doing this will only worsen the situation.
  • Show the complainer that you understand his feelings because of the situation. Complainers usually want themselves heard therefore it’s important to be empathetic.

For more techniques in handling a complaint, you can read the rest of the tips from this site.

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