Colors and Logo Design

Posted 7 months ago

When creating a logo design for your business, it is essential that you consider colors and the meanings that each color represents.

Choosing Colors For Logos

All color associations are emotional. It is a known fact among behavioral professionals that our emotions are extremely powerful. In fact, each of the emotions that we experience has an influence on the decisions that we make.

If you want your business to succeed, it is essential that you create a very strong emotional-based connection with consumers. The colors that you use in your logo design will help you cultivate this essential connection.

Feelings Over Thoughts

A neuroscientist by the name of Antonio Damasio has been noted in expressing that how consumers feel about a brand has a lot more pull on their interactions with that brand than what they think about it.

When you combine this with the emotional-based connection that we have with colors, it is easy to understand just how important the colors that you choose in your logo design are.

Once you select the colors of your logo design, it is imperative that you use them consistently to represent your business. This means that the same colors should be used for your website, your storefront, in your employee apparel, your advertisements, and even on your social media pages.

Colors and Their Associations

The world is full of color. What do each of the colors represent, emotionally? The following outlines the most standard associations:

  1. Orange – Friendly or Playful
  2. Light Blue – Trust and Transparency
  3. Red – Importance and Passion
  4. Green – Growth and Prosperity
  5. Yellow – Warning and Happiness
  6. Dark Blue – Professionalism and Formality
  7. Pink – Femininity and Innocence
  8. Purple – Luxurious and Royalty
  9. White – Healthy and Clean
  10. Brown – Earthy and Rugged
  11. Black – Sophistication and Edgy
  12. Gray – Neutrality and Gloom

Building a Color Scheme for Your Logo

Now that you have an idea of the basic associations with colors, it is time to build a color scheme for your logo. You may use the following steps:

  1. The first step is to attempt to incorporate at least three different colors into your logo. You should have one for the base, one neutral color, and one for the accent.
  2. The color that you choose for your base is the one that should reflect the general “personality” of your company.
  3. The neutral color should be the background color.
  4. The accent color should go well with your base color and be appealing to the eye.
  5. Once you have your colors in place, you should integrate them with a type of graphic in order to establish who you are and what sets your business apart from others within the industry.

Establishing Your Brand

Once you are finished with your logo design, it is time to establish your brand. You do this by getting your logo out in the public’s eye.

One of the best methods for achieving this goal is to incorporate the logo onto the apparel that your employees wear.

It does not matter if it is a hat, a polo shirt, an apron, or a full head-to-toe uniform. We can assist with this as we offer many embroidery special apparel products that can help you build your brand.

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